March 29, 2023

I had the honor to speak at the “Stop Supporting Extremism” symposium in the European Union Parliament.

The discussion organized by IMPAC and hosted by MEPs from wide range of political parties.

After presenting the data on how the NGO-Terror network influencing the rise of extremism in Europe, I concluded:

“Europe cannot tolerate an extremist terror-linked group inciting the public to violence. Samidoun is one example among many…It’s Europe’s responsibility to ensure that groups like Samidoun do not lead the public discourse. Europe also must ensure that taxpayer funds are not provided to terror-linked actors, and those actors are not misusing the strong and valuable European freedom of speech, especially on European soil. Failing to do so not only endangers the lives and safety of people, it also empowers radical hardline elements at the expense of moderates. Accepting this responsibility is the only way to advance peace, stability, and human rights, both at home, and abroad.”